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A Photo A Day 19.09.09

Posted on: September 19, 2009

sorry for the lack of photos lately… been so busy for the past week.. having nearly every day an all nighter or earliest i sleep is 2am in the morning… spend the thurs/fri morning working on my legt tax assignment.. stayed up all night doing it and had to go to work yesterday… was soo tired at work.. my bed hasn’t been on for a whole day… didn’t even end up going to sleep til like about 12.30am this morning…

Sleep is good..

Sleep is good..


2 Responses to "A Photo A Day 19.09.09"


Currently at work & hanging by a thread…… I finished my assignment at 5:30 this morning….. less than 2 hrs of sleep before having to wake up to go to work…………. and to make things worse, I have night class till 9pm tonight because its my week for the tutorial….. NOoooooooooo….

Sleep is very good and I haven’t been getting a lot of it either. I’m enjoying your photo a day blog. Don’t drive while you’re too tired.

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