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A Photo A Day 05.10.09

Posted on: October 5, 2009

*cries*Its more than a photo today… its a sad day.. *cries*my beloved rabbit Mui Mui has passed away… *cries*she was still fine yesterday and deteriorated quickly last night, she couldn’t get up and just laid flat on the floor late in the evening, thought she’ll pull through the night to take her to the vet this morning but it was too late…she was still breathing around 5am.. but when i woke up this morning at 8am she was gone…

*cries*bye bye Mui Mui… RIP…*cries*

Her empty cage...

Her empty cage...

RIP Mui Mui

RIP Mui Mui

Bye Bye Mui Mui...

Bye Bye Mui Mui...


2 Responses to "A Photo A Day 05.10.09"

Oh my gosh, are you ok??? My chicken just passed away a week ago and it was so sad to see the empty cage…. I feel for you ><


I’m really sorry to hear that Karen….. : (


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