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Matt’s belated birthday party was last night… gosh i don’t think i’ve ever drunk so much… 2 glasses of wine, a lychee martini and a mojito… so didn’t sleep well…

The Girls...

Finally got Wii Fit Plus today.. been waiting to get this for a while… also rented a lot of movies lately… need to find time to buy the 2 disc edition of star trek…

Wii Fit Plus

went to see wicked the musical today!!! omg it was freaking awesome!!! totally loved it!!! want to go see it again…

Wicked!! Totally Awesome!!

Just thought i’ll post a photo i took a few days ago to celebrate the end of exams!! thought i won’t be going out to the city much anymore since no more uni… so i went to buy more cupcakes on pitt cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes on Pitt!!

i’m finally free of all exams and just finished work today… don’t have to go to work til monday… yeah!!! long weekend!!! only work mon arvos, tues and weds now… just spent $1300 today on a new all-in-one pc from aldi… which could now double up as my tv now… a bigger tv in my room… and can record as well… the only prob at the moment is that its on windows 7… so not used to it…kinda weird…but love the fact that the desktop background could change every few mins…

oh… forgot to mention the fact that its touch screen as well…

New All-In-One PC!!

wah… 3 more days and i’m free!!!! omg no more uni…its already feeling very weird… mum went on a grocery spending spree today… to stock up for the holidays… and she bought a big pack of wang wang…. i haven’t had these for ages!!


Wang Wang!!!

since i didn’t take any pictures today… i’ll share another video… found this around halloween and when i saw it i couldn’t stop laughing… ellen scaring taylor swift…

kerrie has been sooo annoying since she finished her hsc and has nothing to do and its affecting my ability to study cos she keeps on complaining… i wanted to get the bones season 1-4 collection for so long but couldn’t get it until the end of exams… and since i got my sis hooked onto bones, she’s been complaining that because of me, she couldn’t watch bones or get the dvds yet. Mum has finally cracked cos she has been so annoying and affecting my study that she went and bought it today…


Bones Season 1 to 4

just to please lydia… photo today is my messy study table… studying social psychology… onto my last lecture now on applied social psychology… did you know that your facebook main photo is the biggest predictor of narcissism… and if you have a lot of activity on other people’s pages?…

nearly done…then its just reading everything one last time and flip through the textbook…


Last Lecture -- Applied Social Psychology

first day of november… haiz…. nearly finish studying for legal… and should start looking at social cos i don’t have the textbook with me…

jai jai is sooo cute… i wonder why he has one of his feet up?


One foot up?


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