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so close to the new year!!! can’t wait to write in my 365 day diary!! lol… been eating a lot of jelly bellies lately… really shouldn’t have bought it… but it was only $6 for this big pack…

Jelly Bellies!!!


this was taken 2 days ago, ah jai was hiding from me cos i was cleaning up his bottom part… he’s gone limp again… i hope he’ll make it through… get well, stop scaring me!!

It's all up to you!!

little kittens again…apparently dad saw about 10 including mum and dad this morning.. wow!! here you can see the one that is not afraid and the mother in the background… so cute!! there were 3 on the carpet… but when i opened the door, it scared the other 2 away…



finally able to get out of the house today and the clearance and stocktake sales are ON!!! omg… got to towers at 9am just incase… but there was so much parking… but by 11 towers was like crazy… couldn’t even get into swarovski shop cos the line was so long…oh well didn’t get the clothes i wanted to get for work… nothing seemed nice. also didn’t get new pj’s, saw cute ones at peter alexander but it was too long… guess was also crazy… the handbags were 50% off so everyone was there… omg there was people holding 5 guess bags…

but this was wat i got… not much today at all… considering i was going to go all out with clothes… ended up only buying one belt…

Not much at all...


boxing day… nothing to do as most shops are still closed… thought i post this little kitty up… so cute… we have like 4 kittens that hang around our house in the mornings and evenings… the others were shy.. but this one came right to the camera…. so cute!!! i wonder who they belong to…

Kitty.. Kitty... Kitty...


MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!!! how’s everyone’s xmas so far? ive just been cleaning my room etc… already had the big family dinner last night… realised how messy my room has become due to xmas… been shopping and just placing everything onto my desk… gosh…

Xmas Mess


haiz… so sick of eating soggy rice… no matter how many times i tell dad how to recook rice that was left over… he doesn’t listen!!! why won’t men listen… he’s totally ruining mum’s usual system with jai jai’s towels, and where to hang them, the cooking, the cleaning, the bowls, the towels, where to put the food… how hard can it be, the yellow towel for wiping tops, the pink one for wiping utensils… and how not to put lettuce in the freezer… haiz so tired trying to make everything right… basically have to redo everything he does…



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