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another pandora bead to add to my collection… went shopping today cos i was bored and family went out… so i just snuck out to towers to see what i can buy… first i just got paid my salary on friday so it’s time to get another pandora bead!! this time i got the new blue fantasy one that came out in may… walked around, wanted to buy “the carrie diaries” and “the second short life of bree tanner” but heard mum’s voice in my head again!! gosh i hate that voice… kinda like my conscience saying don’t buy it… not worth it… wait for it to be cheaper… etc…

Blue Fantasy


Wow… its been a long time since i’ve blogged… i’ve been so unmotivated lately that i don’t seem to be doing anything with my life.. just work and exercise… i really need to go out more… maybe take a class or 2…thinking of taking a photography class later… should i?

But first need to declutter my life…. look at this mess!!