Pieces of My Life

A Photo A Day 12.06.11

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Wow… another long drought of blog posts… been so busy with CA that don’t have time to take pics… and now that it is over… it is back again…

Got my results on the 10th and SOOOO glad that I have passed FIN111… i was so scared that i was going to fail my first module cos I came out of the exam feeling really bad. I just passed… but as long as I passed… that’s all that matters. Now that I don’t have to repeat it in term 3… I am planning to take term 3 off from CA. Must go on holidays, haven’t been away in 4 years, it is definitely a holiday long overdue! Especially should visit Grandma in HK…

Lazy long weekend… just cleaning up my room and bumming around and should really start on the next CA module… everything has arrived after all… TAX211 next… hopefully it shouldn’t be as bad as TAX now that I know what to expect and how much study is needed.

1 Down... 4 to Go... TAX here I come!


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