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About Me

Name: Karen H
DOB: 17th March
Occupation: Graduate Financial Accountant
Interest/Hobbies: Obsessed with TV Shows, making miniature clay craft, miniature frames, eating junk food, explore different medias….
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite Movies: The American President, Moulin Rouge, Notting Hill, The Sound of Music, You’ve Got Mail.
Favourite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy and Castle

Finished studying Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science majoring in accounting and psychology end of 2009. But always wondering whether I completed the correct degree. It’s not like I totally enjoy accounting, even though that is where I’m planning on heading after graduation, but always loved movies, and the production side of films. I wonder if my interests in this area would be enough for me to do more courses either at uni or at TAFE, related to something that interests me. I have a lot of interests, I want to learn photography, perfect my miniature crafts, and learn more different arts and crafts. Currently looking into making felt food, learning how to use my DSLR camera, and looking through a lot of blogs about video editing and film production.

I also enjoy something that doesn’t need a lot social interaction, as I’m a shy person, that’s why I chose accounting, it’s a challenging job, and not all could handle the difficulty of searching through numbers all day. Psychology has always been an interest, I wasn’t sure what to do in university as I didn’t want to just study commerce, so I picked Science, and psychology sounded interesting, knowing what other people feel and think, and why we have mental breakdowns…. The brain is such an interesting but sooo suspicious, I wonder if mankind would ever know exactly how the brain works?

TVB… how I love television!!!! As most of those who know me, I’m an absolute tv freak. I used to be soo in love with TVB dramas (HK series) that I’ve made my own website based on them, as well as watching every single one that comes out. But I reckon the quality now has decreased and the stories are not as good as they were a few years ago. Also a big fan of US series like Grey’s Anatomy (an absolute fan, has watched every single episode and own all the DVDs), Castle (my most obsessed TV show at the moment), Private Practice, The Nanny, NCIS, Bones, Brothers and Sisters, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Royal Pains, Gossip Girl, Glee, 30 Rock, Lie to Me, The Good Wife and Charmed (used to be a big fan, now own all the DVDs). I watch a lot of tv and a lot of movies!! Basically anything that is on a screen, whether it’s TV, Film, or even computer screen. Also love IT, was thinking of doing IT in uni before. Always wanted to learn how to make websites, use photoshop, and other computer programs, one of my favourite subjects at school was IPT.

Anywayz… I think that’s a lot about me… I’ll think of what to add later if I come up with more…

Update Feb 2011: Since graduating, I have been working as a financial accountant, and taking a year off studying. Now, it’s time to get back into study for my Chartered Accountants membership, which would take another 3 years. Enrolled and started… freaking out a bit as I haven’t studied for a long time now… I plan to go travelling more and conquer my fear of flying. Hopefully will go to either Europe or the USA sometime this year/early next year!

1 Response to "About Me"

I found your blog and I just wanted to say it’s really cool. You take some good pics.
Have a good day 🙂

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