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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for coming over guys and celebrating new years with me by watching movies and drink wine!!! had a great time!!!



Matt’s belated birthday party was last night… gosh i don’t think i’ve ever drunk so much… 2 glasses of wine, a lychee martini and a mojito… so didn’t sleep well…

The Girls...

finally had time to go to the liquor store to buy sparkling wine for kerrie, that i promised to get her for her 18th brithday… at first it was going to be champagne, but it was expensive, she said don’t worry about it just get sparkling wine

Jewel Pink... Less Calories

Jewel Pink... Less Calories

lately been obsessed with the Mexicana flavour of Doritos!!!  Yummm… a bit woozy at the moment… had some champagne at work!!! yeah!!!

Mexicana Doritos... Yummm

Mexicana Doritos... Yummm

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