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A Video that really describes the entire Castle fandom and how we appreciate everything the cast and crew does on Castle… Love It!


Wow been a while since I have posted here… nothing has been that interesting in life… but really obsessed with the tv show Castle at the moment….

This is one of the best fanvid’s i’ve seen! love it!

love the wong fu productions… and the latest ones are technology ruins romance… i like this one:

“the letters” one is also really good/funny!!

OMG!!! just totally adorable!!

since i didn’t take any pictures today… i’ll share another video… found this around halloween and when i saw it i couldn’t stop laughing… ellen scaring taylor swift…

omg.. been so busy lately… haven’t been taking any photos… i will post photos again from 2mr… can’t believe uni is finished.. just 4 more exams and i’m totally finished.. how freaky…but today.. just felt like sharing this video. Absolutely hilarious!!

totally in love with Glee… their songs are just amazing… totally loved the guys’ mashup… what did u guys think of it?

i went to see (500) days of summer last night… i quite liked it!! not your typical romantic comedy… as indicated by the slogan “This is a story about love, not a love story”

I love this video.. i want this cat!!!

felt i’ll do something different today… hard to come up with something interesting to take a picture with so from time to time where i don’t have any photos, i’ll post up some videos i thought i’ll like… just from my procrastination of surfing youtube… lol

The newest new moon trailer is out!!! omg omg omg!!! so exciting!! i can’t wait!!


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