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Wow what a morning… did the bookshelf with the Hello Kitty things… Now it’s all moved to 2 boxes… 4 shelves of Hello Kitty Things all moved into boxes now. Gosh I used to be obsessed! I had Hello Kitty everything!


Hello Kitty!

There’s a lot of dirt there! Work in Progress:


Had to move my bed mattress before I could reach down to do the cleaning…

Now I have so much more room for more books!

Time to buy some more books!

I’m waiting for my Derrick Storm Deadly Storm Graphic Novel and Heat Rises to come!

I quite proud of what I have done today and it’s not even noon yet! Watching CSI NY right now… Did uncluttering early today as I need to go out this arvo and night to the city.

another pandora bead to add to my collection… went shopping today cos i was bored and family went out… so i just snuck out to towers to see what i can buy… first i just got paid my salary on friday so it’s time to get another pandora bead!! this time i got the new blue fantasy one that came out in may… walked around, wanted to buy “the carrie diaries” and “the second short life of bree tanner” but heard mum’s voice in my head again!! gosh i hate that voice… kinda like my conscience saying don’t buy it… not worth it… wait for it to be cheaper… etc…

Blue Fantasy

wow that was quick… my other book came today!! another clay book to add to my collection!!


The Polymer Clay Cookbook

It’s here!!! asking for trouble aka the wedding date by elizabeth young… been wanting to read this book for ages… and could never find it here in aus… finally decided to buy it online… gosh i love bookdepository…so fast… i get all my books there now since the $Aus is so high… and its not that much different from the $US.. yeah!!! now i just have one more book coming.. another polymer clay book….

The Wedding Date -- The Novel

The Wedding Date -- The Novel

gosh i have a lot of books… really need a bigger room to fit all my books, running out of space out of my 3 bookshelves…

need more space...

need more space...

nothing happened much today… just bought 2 books online…can’t wait til they come!! had soup before dinner tonite, yumm..




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