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another pandora bead to add to my collection… went shopping today cos i was bored and family went out… so i just snuck out to towers to see what i can buy… first i just got paid my salary on friday so it’s time to get another pandora bead!! this time i got the new blue fantasy one that came out in may… walked around, wanted to buy “the carrie diaries” and “the second short life of bree tanner” but heard mum’s voice in my head again!! gosh i hate that voice… kinda like my conscience saying don’t buy it… not worth it… wait for it to be cheaper… etc…

Blue Fantasy


went to see “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” with Mary today… such a funny movie!! loved it… gosh i love any movie Hugh Grant is in… then went shopping… thought Towers was too small and drove to Rouse Hill to do more shopping… lots more clothes at Rouse Hill Target!! bought a dress and a top for work… and finally used my JB Hi-Fi Gift Card as all DVDs were 20% off on the already discounted price… so bought 3rd Season of 30 Rock…prob spent about $100 today… oh well… i’m earning enough… need to reward myself with new clothes!!

Today's Adventure...

finally able to get out of the house today and the clearance and stocktake sales are ON!!! omg… got to towers at 9am just incase… but there was so much parking… but by 11 towers was like crazy… couldn’t even get into swarovski shop cos the line was so long…oh well didn’t get the clothes i wanted to get for work… nothing seemed nice. also didn’t get new pj’s, saw cute ones at peter alexander but it was too long… guess was also crazy… the handbags were 50% off so everyone was there… omg there was people holding 5 guess bags…

but this was wat i got… not much today at all… considering i was going to go all out with clothes… ended up only buying one belt…

Not much at all...

haiz.. finally got the game… the hittest game this xmas… sold out everywhere.. had to end up buying it online….missed the postman yesterday as its registered post… so had to go all da way to the post office today at lunchtime to get it… omg castle towers was like minefield… cars everywhere with no parking… i had to park at the christmas staff parking and walk all da way to the post office in raining weather… and getting out of that area was hell as well… took a whole hour from getting there, walking, and getting out… had to go out the long way… that middle road was just packed so i went back up onto old northern road and back into showground… this game better be worth it…

The Hittest Game this Xmas... sold out everywhere...


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