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And we’re off! Day 1 of Operation Unclutter… Decided to start with the computer desk and the drawers next to it, as it’s probably the easiest. Must ease my way into the ruthless cleaning!

Reminder of before:

Computer Desk

Book Shelf Corner

And for work in progress:


Now for the final look so far:

Much Cleaner

Nice and Tidy

My stack of TVB magazines are still there though… not going to touch those until the weekend, as it will take a lot of effort and anxiety to throw that all away… I need to prepare myself first…

Since today was a workday, I was a bit tired after work, so this was the best I could do so far… I think I’ll start with the surface things first… then I’ll go back into the drawers later on!

got up at 9.45am this morning cos i was watching JSG Awards 2009 live last night… went til like 2.45 am… so tired right now… Just helped Ah Jai wash his bottom… whenever i finish washing it, he could stand properly… and after a while he goes back to his sitting position with both legs to the side… i guess his bottom really hurts to stand properly? Must get better!!!

See? could stand normally...

MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!!! how’s everyone’s xmas so far? ive just been cleaning my room etc… already had the big family dinner last night… realised how messy my room has become due to xmas… been shopping and just placing everything onto my desk… gosh…

Xmas Mess

started cleaning up my room… first thing… to take down all my posters to make my room look bigger… next step… to clean up room so things can be easily moved so dad could repaint my room…

No More Posters...

my table is a mess again… haiz.. how am i going to study over this mid sem break? must clean it up…>.<

What a Mess!!

What a Mess!!


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