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Easter Sunday.. but doesn’t feel like a sunday… only 2 more days of rest and back to work i go… another failed attempt in trying to make cupcakes… gosh i can’t seem to get them right… maybe i should stick with cakes…

Don't look at me!!! I'm ugly...


Just thought i’ll post a photo i took a few days ago to celebrate the end of exams!! thought i won’t be going out to the city much anymore since no more uni… so i went to buy more cupcakes on pitt cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes on Pitt!!

was going through my old photos and came up with “Cupcakes on Pitt” that i never posted!! gosh i love those cupcakes… feel like one now…

Cupcakes on Pitt... love it!

Cupcakes on Pitt... love it!