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Sorry for not blogging yesterday… I did end up cleaning a little bit yesterday, but I was out most of the day for Chiropractor Appointment, then went out to the city for the Italian Film Festival. Didn’t get home til 11pm so too tired to blog progress.

So I’ll blog 2 days of progress today, so these 2 days I have focused on the black bookshelf. Yesterday just cleaned up the top of it, and today I wiped down and cleaned out everything in it.

Reminder of what it looks like before:

Side Bookshelves

First thing, all the magazines are gone! I’m only keeping 5 months worth at a time:


Work in Progress:


After completely stripping the black bookshelf, I chucked some old folders, and other things on the shelf, and now it is only books

Cleaned Up Black Bookshelf

I know it’s not that much different, but at least I was able to put all of my textbooks now on that shelf… I had books sitting on my desk and chairs cos I had no place to put them before. I’m quite proud of myself of letting go some of the things… Now the question is what should I work on tomorrow? As the other bookshelves really require a weekend and not one night.

MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!!! how’s everyone’s xmas so far? ive just been cleaning my room etc… already had the big family dinner last night… realised how messy my room has become due to xmas… been shopping and just placing everything onto my desk… gosh…

Xmas Mess

went out to da city for dinner tonite.. japanese BBQ buffet… food was quite nice… but the service was terrible….



love this date!!! 999… lol… didn’t take a picture today.. so went through my past photos.. and found this hot pot one from sunday that i didn’t use… love hot pot!!

Hot Pot... again.. from Sun...

Hot Pot... again.. from Sun...

had KFC last nite… and had leftovers for lunch today… yummm but sooo unhealthy




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