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Yay! Long weekend coming up and my NCIS S8 and Chuck S3 dvds have arrived just in time!

Keeping it simple today… wanna rest…


Drawer Before

Work in progress:

After… a bit more tidy…

Drawer After

went to see “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” with Mary today… such a funny movie!! loved it… gosh i love any movie Hugh Grant is in… then went shopping… thought Towers was too small and drove to Rouse Hill to do more shopping… lots more clothes at Rouse Hill Target!! bought a dress and a top for work… and finally used my JB Hi-Fi Gift Card as all DVDs were 20% off on the already discounted price… so bought 3rd Season of 30 Rock…prob spent about $100 today… oh well… i’m earning enough… need to reward myself with new clothes!!

Today's Adventure...

yeah finally got the 2 disc Star Trek DVD… been wanting this basically ever since i saw this movie during the greater union mystery movie promotion… loved it so much!!

Star Trek 2009

rented more movies again!!! gosh i really do love my movies and tv shows… why didn’t i enter the movie industry??

Just finished watching Night at the Museum 2… i reckon it was really good for a sequel… loved the first one… and the second one is just as funny!!

Movies Galore!!

Finally got Wii Fit Plus today.. been waiting to get this for a while… also rented a lot of movies lately… need to find time to buy the 2 disc edition of star trek…

Wii Fit Plus

kerrie has been sooo annoying since she finished her hsc and has nothing to do and its affecting my ability to study cos she keeps on complaining… i wanted to get the bones season 1-4 collection for so long but couldn’t get it until the end of exams… and since i got my sis hooked onto bones, she’s been complaining that because of me, she couldn’t watch bones or get the dvds yet. Mum has finally cracked cos she has been so annoying and affecting my study that she went and bought it today…


Bones Season 1 to 4

just got the NCIS Season 5 to add to my collection!! love it!!!… next one i’m going to buy… BONES!!!

NCIS Collection...

NCIS Collection...


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