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long time no photos… thats cos i had nothing interesting to take photos of…

so here’s a few to make up for the lack of photos…

Firstly tried making green tea macarons last week… disaster… made so many mistakes, most importantly skipped a step in the recipe so they looked more like cookies!

Macarons or Cookies?

but the azuki bean buttercream was great!

Azuki Bean Buttercream

Tried again yesterday and had 3 batches… the first was success… but the second had a few that were great but others were a disaster…

Success!! Green Tea Macarons with Azuki Bean Buttercream

Disaster Batch 3

Finally today mum and sis went out to shop… and found Dance on Broadway for $22.. ive been trying to find this game that is that cheap for a month now!! had to get it today since its so cheap!!! usually $50 to $60!!

Dance on Broadway

Also mum found the new steam activated Biore cleanser… i first had a sample sent to me and tried it!! I love it!!! its so good… feels so refreshing!! Been trying to find it for a while… and mum finally found it at rouse hill priceline today!

Biore - A Refreshing Feeling!

had some left over cream from when i made tiramisu during xmas… thought i’ll have some strawberries and cream.. yummmm…

Real Strawberries and Cream...

yeah!!! mum’s package of junk food arrived!!! sooo much good food!!! yummm… too bad quarantine had withheld the fish sausage…. i love that!!

Glorious food!!!

so tired… got home at about 6 today… worked 45mins overtime… why wont it balance!!!! LOL…

got home to eat one of my favourite chips!! this one was takoyaki flavour i also love the salmon flavour…

Takoyaki Chips

love strawberries….everyone knows that about me… but tried out this strawberry shortcake ice cream… it was on sale… omg its to die for… so nice!!

Yummmm... Strawberries... urgghhh...*drools*

haiz… so sick of eating soggy rice… no matter how many times i tell dad how to recook rice that was left over… he doesn’t listen!!! why won’t men listen… he’s totally ruining mum’s usual system with jai jai’s towels, and where to hang them, the cooking, the cleaning, the bowls, the towels, where to put the food… how hard can it be, the yellow towel for wiping tops, the pink one for wiping utensils… and how not to put lettuce in the freezer… haiz so tired trying to make everything right… basically have to redo everything he does…

my first all by myself fried rice… lol… quite successful if i do say so myself…

Fried Rice... Yummm..

Just thought i’ll post a photo i took a few days ago to celebrate the end of exams!! thought i won’t be going out to the city much anymore since no more uni… so i went to buy more cupcakes on pitt cupcakes!!!

Cupcakes on Pitt!!

haiz… sorry for not posting for these few days.. been sick… stomach flu… had the feeling of vomitting every time i put food into my stomach… haiz… at least i got sick now and not during the final exams… lol

Found these lollies in the parcel aunt sent us… realised they were my favourite “be be” lollies.. when you blow into them they are like a whistle…
"Be Be" Lollies

love this pancake from bread shop… durian!!! i don’t get why people don’t like it…

Durian Pancake...

Durian Pancake...


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