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long time no photos… thats cos i had nothing interesting to take photos of…

so here’s a few to make up for the lack of photos…

Firstly tried making green tea macarons last week… disaster… made so many mistakes, most importantly skipped a step in the recipe so they looked more like cookies!

Macarons or Cookies?

but the azuki bean buttercream was great!

Azuki Bean Buttercream

Tried again yesterday and had 3 batches… the first was success… but the second had a few that were great but others were a disaster…

Success!! Green Tea Macarons with Azuki Bean Buttercream

Disaster Batch 3

Finally today mum and sis went out to shop… and found Dance on Broadway for $22.. ive been trying to find this game that is that cheap for a month now!! had to get it today since its so cheap!!! usually $50 to $60!!

Dance on Broadway

Also mum found the new steam activated Biore cleanser… i first had a sample sent to me and tried it!! I love it!!! its so good… feels so refreshing!! Been trying to find it for a while… and mum finally found it at rouse hill priceline today!

Biore - A Refreshing Feeling!

been looking for this game everywhere… omg like totally sold out!!! i want!!!!!!!!! i now have 2 options… buy it online for $49.00… or wait til after xmas…

Wii - Just Dance!!!

Finally got Wii Fit Plus today.. been waiting to get this for a while… also rented a lot of movies lately… need to find time to buy the 2 disc edition of star trek…

Wii Fit Plus

It’s the weekend!!! and mum got me the Virtua Tennis game i wanted as well as the Wii Motionplus add-on!! going to play it all weekend!!



Ahhh… the toy sales start 2mr… i want to get the new Virtua Tennis game on Wii, I also want the Wii MotionPlus Add-on!! and Kmart is having a bundle of the 2 for $79!!! sooo getting mum to rush to Kmart 2mr morning to get it!!

I want Wii MotionPlus!!!

I want Wii MotionPlus!!!


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