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Day 3! OMG still going… did the other half of the desk today.. doesn’t look that much different, but it has actually changed a lot, I threw a lot of my documents out or scanned them onto my computer.

Look at the right hand side of the desk, that was what it looked like before:

Desk 1

and the work in progress today:


What it looks like now, as you can see the pile is smaller, mostly my glasses and their cases… Gosh I have a lot of pairs of glasses:


Desk Corner

Hmmm will be mostly out tomorrow… must pick a smaller area to work on… prob the top of the black bookcase….

I found that a lot of this is quite difficult until I get to clean out the drawers…


been sooo busy lately… didn’t have time to take pictures for the past 2 days… and slept at 4am this morning trying to finish off a presentation… so not good…
mum says my eyes look smaller now cos i’ve been wearing my glasses more often now… just can’t seem to see, eye sight suddenly went so much worse as soon as i started working in an office… haiz… do they look smaller and less “jing ling”?

Eyes looking smaller?

Eyes looking smaller?