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long time no photos… thats cos i had nothing interesting to take photos of…

so here’s a few to make up for the lack of photos…

Firstly tried making green tea macarons last week… disaster… made so many mistakes, most importantly skipped a step in the recipe so they looked more like cookies!

Macarons or Cookies?

but the azuki bean buttercream was great!

Azuki Bean Buttercream

Tried again yesterday and had 3 batches… the first was success… but the second had a few that were great but others were a disaster…

Success!! Green Tea Macarons with Azuki Bean Buttercream

Disaster Batch 3

Finally today mum and sis went out to shop… and found Dance on Broadway for $22.. ive been trying to find this game that is that cheap for a month now!! had to get it today since its so cheap!!! usually $50 to $60!!

Dance on Broadway

Also mum found the new steam activated Biore cleanser… i first had a sample sent to me and tried it!! I love it!!! its so good… feels so refreshing!! Been trying to find it for a while… and mum finally found it at rouse hill priceline today!

Biore - A Refreshing Feeling!

didn’t get home til 6.20 today.. gosh… this movements schedule is hell… is wouldn’t balance and we cant find where the variances are…

enjoying a nice cup of green tea… and its only the first day of the work week.. how will i survive… when is mum coming home?!?!?!

Nice Pot of Tea for me...

started eating another packet of green tea lollies aunt sent over.. gosh this one is good, it has like a layer of red bean powder which tastes so much like red bean when you put it into your mouth…gosh i eat a lot… i have an eating addiction… non-stop eating…

Red Bean Green Tea Lollies

Red Bean Green Tea Lollies

apparently today is a special day, as it has 12:34:56 – 7/8/9 won’t happen again for 80 years!! lol, i love tohato caramel corn… so sweet and nice… aunty sent over green tea flavoured one last month.. finally gotten around to eat it!!

Green Tea Caramel Corn!!

Green Tea Caramel Corn!!


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