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Long time no blog again… I have finally finished my TAX module of CA today! Gosh that exam was hard… i really hope I passed… cos I thought that was a hard module… maybe even harder than FIN… *fingers crossed*

Oh well… there’s nothing I can do now… either I passed or failed… but I took Term 3 off from study so I could take a break. During this time, I have come up with Operation Unclutter. My room is an absolute mess and my goal for the next few months (depending how long it takes), is to finally give up my slight hoarding habit, and be ruthless! Seriously… I know I have stuff in here which I haven’t seen, let alone touched in at least 5 years!

I still have some high school stuff! Really need a massive clean out/up!

To show my progress, I will be documenting this with photos on the progress each day. I know I’ll probably feel anxious doing this, and I have a hard time letting things go, but I will try my best!

So here is the starting point, my room/disaster begins like this:

Desk 1

Desk 1 - Another Angle

Clothes Rack

Desk 2

Book Shelf Corner

Side Bookshelves

Bedside Bookshelf

Now you can see why it is so bad… I just have so much crap that I have to clean out… Plan to start tomorrow, so that makes this Day 0, planning stage… Which should I tackle first?

Wow… its been a long time since i’ve blogged… i’ve been so unmotivated lately that i don’t seem to be doing anything with my life.. just work and exercise… i really need to go out more… maybe take a class or 2…thinking of taking a photography class later… should i?

But first need to declutter my life…. look at this mess!!


MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!!! how’s everyone’s xmas so far? ive just been cleaning my room etc… already had the big family dinner last night… realised how messy my room has become due to xmas… been shopping and just placing everything onto my desk… gosh…

Xmas Mess

haiz… been so busy lately again that i had no time to post… been doing 2 all nighters in a row this week… i’m like soo tired… slept pretty early last night…the mess on my table… my mini table to put my notes, and notes all over the bed… haiz… so disorganised…



my table is a mess again… haiz.. how am i going to study over this mid sem break? must clean it up…>.<

What a Mess!!

What a Mess!!


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