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Enjoying marshmallows on a nice Saturday afternoon… Now if only my throat will clear up… stupid throat infection…

Marshmallows Galore!

got up at 9.45am this morning cos i was watching JSG Awards 2009 live last night… went til like 2.45 am… so tired right now… Just helped Ah Jai wash his bottom… whenever i finish washing it, he could stand properly… and after a while he goes back to his sitting position with both legs to the side… i guess his bottom really hurts to stand properly? Must get better!!!

See? could stand normally...

this was taken 2 days ago, ah jai was hiding from me cos i was cleaning up his bottom part… he’s gone limp again… i hope he’ll make it through… get well, stop scaring me!!

It's all up to you!!

haiz… sorry for not posting for these few days.. been sick… stomach flu… had the feeling of vomitting every time i put food into my stomach… haiz… at least i got sick now and not during the final exams… lol

Found these lollies in the parcel aunt sent us… realised they were my favourite “be be” lollies.. when you blow into them they are like a whistle…
"Be Be" Lollies

Ah Jai… soo cute ah… so scared for him at the moment… he’s sick and the vet doesn’t know how else he could help him cos he possibly hurt his spine…

A cute moment...

A cute moment...


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