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Last day of July… Lazy Sunday.. trying to do my CA readings… but really ended up chatting on Castle Chat all day… refreshing Pottermore website to see the first clue, and just roaming twitter…. Now… I feel like chocolate! What I’ve resorted to when I found that there were no more tim tams in the cupboard… Yummm…

Lindt Chocolate! The Best!

Wow… another long drought of blog posts… been so busy with CA that don’t have time to take pics… and now that it is over… it is back again…

Got my results on the 10th and SOOOO glad that I have passed FIN111… i was so scared that i was going to fail my first module cos I came out of the exam feeling really bad. I just passed… but as long as I passed… that’s all that matters. Now that I don’t have to repeat it in term 3… I am planning to take term 3 off from CA. Must go on holidays, haven’t been away in 4 years, it is definitely a holiday long overdue! Especially should visit Grandma in HK…

Lazy long weekend… just cleaning up my room and bumming around and should really start on the next CA module… everything has arrived after all… TAX211 next… hopefully it shouldn’t be as bad as TAX now that I know what to expect and how much study is needed.

1 Down... 4 to Go... TAX here I come!

Long time no pics… been so busy with trying to get my priorities straight… that I have finally started the CA Program! After taking a year off from study, I find it quite difficult to get back into a rhythm, especially with a course so self dependent learning as well. I feel I get distracted from watching TV shows and wanting to read fanfics that I find myself wanting to blog a bit again. So I took a little break from study and took a pic of my desk again. Must focus and not fail the first module of CA… FIN111

So hard to get back into study after taking a year off...

kerrie has been sooo annoying since she finished her hsc and has nothing to do and its affecting my ability to study cos she keeps on complaining… i wanted to get the bones season 1-4 collection for so long but couldn’t get it until the end of exams… and since i got my sis hooked onto bones, she’s been complaining that because of me, she couldn’t watch bones or get the dvds yet. Mum has finally cracked cos she has been so annoying and affecting my study that she went and bought it today…


Bones Season 1 to 4

just to please lydia… photo today is my messy study table… studying social psychology… onto my last lecture now on applied social psychology… did you know that your facebook main photo is the biggest predictor of narcissism… and if you have a lot of activity on other people’s pages?…

nearly done…then its just reading everything one last time and flip through the textbook…


Last Lecture -- Applied Social Psychology

omg.. been sooo busy these 2 days… basically sleeping in the mornings… 2am on wed morning and 4am last night/this morning… soo tired… this stupid tax essay… why did they make it so hard?

The Dreaded Tax Question by all!!

The Dreaded Tax Question by all!!

the dreaded paper on tues… omg the results are out already!!! at least i passed…heard that it was similar to a past mid sem paper… so those who got it got an upper hand… so not fair




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