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haiz… so sick of eating soggy rice… no matter how many times i tell dad how to recook rice that was left over… he doesn’t listen!!! why won’t men listen… he’s totally ruining mum’s usual system with jai jai’s towels, and where to hang them, the cooking, the cleaning, the bowls, the towels, where to put the food… how hard can it be, the yellow towel for wiping tops, the pink one for wiping utensils… and how not to put lettuce in the freezer… haiz so tired trying to make everything right… basically have to redo everything he does…

Was determined to catch up on all the social psyc lectures i’ve missed today… after listening to 1 hr… i’m so tired and don’t want to listen to the other hr anymore… i’ve also got a 3 hr tax lecture i’ve got to relisten



been sooo busy lately… didn’t have time to take pictures for the past 2 days… and slept at 4am this morning trying to finish off a presentation… so not good…
mum says my eyes look smaller now cos i’ve been wearing my glasses more often now… just can’t seem to see, eye sight suddenly went so much worse as soon as i started working in an office… haiz… do they look smaller and less “jing ling”?

Eyes looking smaller?

Eyes looking smaller?


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