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Did a little drawer tidying today… but after cleaning out some stuff… it doesn’t look that much different 😦

Spot the difference:



Really not that different is there? Just some of the cables missing….

Grey’s Anatomy 2 hour season premiere! OMG loved it!

Just a slow day today… had to watch my TV first.. NCIS, Glee and Body of Proof all premiered today! Yay!

So I decided just to clean up a bit of the  clothes rack area…



Just cleaned up the stuff and threw away some of the boxes…

Trash that needs to go in the bin!

After the cleaning and putting away a lot of bags… and this photo is prob a bit deceiving as my camera bag wasn’t put back on top of the black box as I was using it to take photos…

Camera Bag is missing in this pic...

Prob have to do the next bit of the big bookshelf tomorrow…

i’m finally free of all exams and just finished work today… don’t have to go to work til monday… yeah!!! long weekend!!! only work mon arvos, tues and weds now… just spent $1300 today on a new all-in-one pc from aldi… which could now double up as my tv now… a bigger tv in my room… and can record as well… the only prob at the moment is that its on windows 7… so not used to it…kinda weird…but love the fact that the desktop background could change every few mins…

oh… forgot to mention the fact that its touch screen as well…

New All-In-One PC!!

kerrie has been sooo annoying since she finished her hsc and has nothing to do and its affecting my ability to study cos she keeps on complaining… i wanted to get the bones season 1-4 collection for so long but couldn’t get it until the end of exams… and since i got my sis hooked onto bones, she’s been complaining that because of me, she couldn’t watch bones or get the dvds yet. Mum has finally cracked cos she has been so annoying and affecting my study that she went and bought it today…


Bones Season 1 to 4

totally hooked on glee.. been hooked from the first episode and still loving it.. its something new and refreshing… very different to the dramas i see everyday on tv… a kind of escapism into the music!! proud to be a gleek!!

Proud to be a gleek!!

Proud to be a gleek!!

new channel from nine network… called Go! on channel 99 which has all the hip new shows like Weeds and Survivor and Gossip Girl… i love it!! cos it has the older shows like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie as well!!

Channel 99 -- Go!

Channel 99 -- Go!

i can’t wait to watch this TVB series… wow i haven’t been this excited to watch a TVB series for ages!! i love watching Dayo Wong!! the last full tvb series that i have watched would prob be before Moonlight Resonance… don’t really like TVB series as I used to… be watching bits and parts of series now.. haven’t watched every single episode of a series for ages!!

New TVB Series -- You're Hired

New TVB Series -- You're Hired


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