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Yay! Long weekend coming up and my NCIS S8 and Chuck S3 dvds have arrived just in time!

Keeping it simple today… wanna rest…


Drawer Before

Work in progress:

After… a bit more tidy…

Drawer After

As promised… I did 2 drawers today… but they don’t look that much different before and after… spot the difference! I found that I have a lot of erasers, stationery and notebooks! Gosh I have enough stationery to last a lifetime! I think I’ll need to find time again to go thru the drawers and segregate the things into type and organise the 5 drawers into categories… but before that happens, I’ll just throw out everything that isn’t needed first


Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Work in progress:


Freaky eh? There’s so much stuff!

After, not much difference, but at least the drawer isn’t filled up to the top… much!

Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Another drawer down… Gosh I found a lot of crap in this one as well… Stickers, Temp Tattoos, Toy Story 1 Iron On sheets…. All going into the bin. Found 2 gloves… but missing the other halves, and also apparently a knitted sweater from my baby years… WHAT DO I PUT IN MY DRAWERS?!?!



Work In Progress:

Everything is stripped and scattered on the floor…



Nice and tidy, more room now to put more stuff in it… but trying to keep to a minimum and sure that there are more things that I could have chucked from that drawer…

Finished reading Heat Rises today and the new episode Heroes and Villains was AWESOME!!! With all the nerdy references, I was totally Geeked OUT!!

Did a drawer today… not much difference, at least it closes properly now… had so much in it before I had trouble keeping everything in before closing.



There is a little more space… but not much more…Haiz… I think today’s unclutter wasn’t very successful.

Day 12 peoples! OMG I reckon today’s unclutter was the hardest to let go of…


Behind the crate are 2 shelves of books and old notebooks from High School.

Books from High School Yr 7 to 10

All the exercise books are going away! Threw them in the recycle bin, and that was the hardest thing to do… I felt like I’m throwing all my knowledge away.. but I have to be realistic, I know I’m never going to read it again, and I haven’t touched them in at least 6-10 years…

Work in Progress:


So finally once it is all gone, I have space to put some of those boxes for my camera and Ipad into the bookshelf instead of on the crate, and look! There’s room on my bookshelf again!


Bedroom Corner

I tried to go through the crate and see what I can chuck… not much… so just piled it back on…

Now the only shelves left are the top 2 shelves of my big bookshelf, and the bookshelf right next to my bed. After that, it would be the drawers, I know that there are a lot of things to chuck in them…


Did a little drawer tidying today… but after cleaning out some stuff… it doesn’t look that much different 😦

Spot the difference:



Really not that different is there? Just some of the cables missing….

Grey’s Anatomy 2 hour season premiere! OMG loved it!

Just a slow day today… had to watch my TV first.. NCIS, Glee and Body of Proof all premiered today! Yay!

So I decided just to clean up a bit of the  clothes rack area…



Just cleaned up the stuff and threw away some of the boxes…

Trash that needs to go in the bin!

After the cleaning and putting away a lot of bags… and this photo is prob a bit deceiving as my camera bag wasn’t put back on top of the black box as I was using it to take photos…

Camera Bag is missing in this pic...

Prob have to do the next bit of the big bookshelf tomorrow…


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