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long time no photos… thats cos i had nothing interesting to take photos of…

so here’s a few to make up for the lack of photos…

Firstly tried making green tea macarons last week… disaster… made so many mistakes, most importantly skipped a step in the recipe so they looked more like cookies!

Macarons or Cookies?

but the azuki bean buttercream was great!

Azuki Bean Buttercream

Tried again yesterday and had 3 batches… the first was success… but the second had a few that were great but others were a disaster…

Success!! Green Tea Macarons with Azuki Bean Buttercream

Disaster Batch 3

Finally today mum and sis went out to shop… and found Dance on Broadway for $22.. ive been trying to find this game that is that cheap for a month now!! had to get it today since its so cheap!!! usually $50 to $60!!

Dance on Broadway

Also mum found the new steam activated Biore cleanser… i first had a sample sent to me and tried it!! I love it!!! its so good… feels so refreshing!! Been trying to find it for a while… and mum finally found it at rouse hill priceline today!

Biore - A Refreshing Feeling!

haiz.. finally got the game… the hittest game this xmas… sold out everywhere.. had to end up buying it online….missed the postman yesterday as its registered post… so had to go all da way to the post office today at lunchtime to get it… omg castle towers was like minefield… cars everywhere with no parking… i had to park at the christmas staff parking and walk all da way to the post office in raining weather… and getting out of that area was hell as well… took a whole hour from getting there, walking, and getting out… had to go out the long way… that middle road was just packed so i went back up onto old northern road and back into showground… this game better be worth it…

The Hittest Game this Xmas... sold out everywhere...

been looking for this game everywhere… omg like totally sold out!!! i want!!!!!!!!! i now have 2 options… buy it online for $49.00… or wait til after xmas…

Wii - Just Dance!!!

Finally got Wii Fit Plus today.. been waiting to get this for a while… also rented a lot of movies lately… need to find time to buy the 2 disc edition of star trek…

Wii Fit Plus

It’s the weekend!!! and mum got me the Virtua Tennis game i wanted as well as the Wii Motionplus add-on!! going to play it all weekend!!



Ahhh… the toy sales start 2mr… i want to get the new Virtua Tennis game on Wii, I also want the Wii MotionPlus Add-on!! and Kmart is having a bundle of the 2 for $79!!! sooo getting mum to rush to Kmart 2mr morning to get it!!

I want Wii MotionPlus!!!

I want Wii MotionPlus!!!


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