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didn’t get home til 6.20 today.. gosh… this movements schedule is hell… is wouldn’t balance and we cant find where the variances are…

enjoying a nice cup of green tea… and its only the first day of the work week.. how will i survive… when is mum coming home?!?!?!

Nice Pot of Tea for me...

went to see “Did You Hear about the Morgans?” with Mary today… such a funny movie!! loved it… gosh i love any movie Hugh Grant is in… then went shopping… thought Towers was too small and drove to Rouse Hill to do more shopping… lots more clothes at Rouse Hill Target!! bought a dress and a top for work… and finally used my JB Hi-Fi Gift Card as all DVDs were 20% off on the already discounted price… so bought 3rd Season of 30 Rock…prob spent about $100 today… oh well… i’m earning enough… need to reward myself with new clothes!!

Today's Adventure...

so tired… got home at about 6 today… worked 45mins overtime… why wont it balance!!!! LOL…

got home to eat one of my favourite chips!! this one was takoyaki flavour i also love the salmon flavour…

Takoyaki Chips

been sooo busy lately… didn’t have time to take pictures for the past 2 days… and slept at 4am this morning trying to finish off a presentation… so not good…
mum says my eyes look smaller now cos i’ve been wearing my glasses more often now… just can’t seem to see, eye sight suddenly went so much worse as soon as i started working in an office… haiz… do they look smaller and less “jing ling”?

Eyes looking smaller?

Eyes looking smaller?

last day of holidays… technically… cos weekend doesn’t count… looking at my timetable… it sucks!!! especially since i have to go to work as well…

Uni again...

Uni again...


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