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I have failed today… I just don’t have the motivation to clean up something today…

After catching up on my 4 tv shows today.. New Girl, Glee, Body of Proof and NCIS, I just don’t want to clean…

It’s a terrible excuse I know… but there’s no show (except for Rush) tomorrow… So I’ll try to do 2 drawers tomorrow… *fingers crossed*

Just a slow day today… had to watch my TV first.. NCIS, Glee and Body of Proof all premiered today! Yay!

So I decided just to clean up a bit of the  clothes rack area…



Just cleaned up the stuff and threw away some of the boxes…

Trash that needs to go in the bin!

After the cleaning and putting away a lot of bags… and this photo is prob a bit deceiving as my camera bag wasn’t put back on top of the black box as I was using it to take photos…

Camera Bag is missing in this pic...

Prob have to do the next bit of the big bookshelf tomorrow…

finally couldn’t stand it… went and bought the 2 glee soundtracks… lol


totally in love with Glee… their songs are just amazing… totally loved the guys’ mashup… what did u guys think of it?

totally hooked on glee.. been hooked from the first episode and still loving it.. its something new and refreshing… very different to the dramas i see everyday on tv… a kind of escapism into the music!! proud to be a gleek!!

Proud to be a gleek!!

Proud to be a gleek!!

i’m like totally obsessed with this version of don’t stop believing at the moment… totally love it and can’t stop singing it!!! also watched the 2nd episode of glee yesterday!!! love it!! total gleek now!!

Glee Cast - Don't stop believing!!

Glee Cast - Don't stop believing!!


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