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It’s Halloween!!!! ooooo….. but it just doesn’t work in australia…anywayz… was in the backyard today trying to get boy boy back inside after playing outside for an hour… and saw beautiful purple flowers in my backyard and had to take a pic…


I wonder what flower it is....?

I know i haven’t been updating much this month but it has been a crazy month… with the end of uni etc… and exams are about to start soon… once its all over… it will be back to a photo a day..

wow that was quick… my other book came today!! another clay book to add to my collection!!


The Polymer Clay Cookbook

It’s here!!! asking for trouble aka the wedding date by elizabeth young… been wanting to read this book for ages… and could never find it here in aus… finally decided to buy it online… gosh i love bookdepository…so fast… i get all my books there now since the $Aus is so high… and its not that much different from the $US.. yeah!!! now i just have one more book coming.. another polymer clay book….

The Wedding Date -- The Novel

The Wedding Date -- The Novel

omg.. been so busy lately… haven’t been taking any photos… i will post photos again from 2mr… can’t believe uni is finished.. just 4 more exams and i’m totally finished.. how freaky…but today.. just felt like sharing this video. Absolutely hilarious!!

Was determined to catch up on all the social psyc lectures i’ve missed today… after listening to 1 hr… i’m so tired and don’t want to listen to the other hr anymore… i’ve also got a 3 hr tax lecture i’ve got to relisten



haiz… sorry for not posting for these few days.. been sick… stomach flu… had the feeling of vomitting every time i put food into my stomach… haiz… at least i got sick now and not during the final exams… lol

Found these lollies in the parcel aunt sent us… realised they were my favourite “be be” lollies.. when you blow into them they are like a whistle…
"Be Be" Lollies

totally in love with Glee… their songs are just amazing… totally loved the guys’ mashup… what did u guys think of it?


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