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Don’t you just love chinese new year!!! Love it!!

Red Pockets 2010!!


i’m finally free of all exams and just finished work today… don’t have to go to work til monday… yeah!!! long weekend!!! only work mon arvos, tues and weds now… just spent $1300 today on a new all-in-one pc from aldi… which could now double up as my tv now… a bigger tv in my room… and can record as well… the only prob at the moment is that its on windows 7… so not used to it…kinda weird…but love the fact that the desktop background could change every few mins…

oh… forgot to mention the fact that its touch screen as well…

New All-In-One PC!!

Last day of the financial year and tonight is Australia’s biggest ever lotto draw!! $90 Mil!!!! i bought my ticket last week.. *fingers crossed*

Is this the winning ticket?

Is this the winning ticket?

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